How do French People Celebrate Their Birthday (New Episode)
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Talk in French Podcast #24- How do French people celebrate their birthday / How to use “dessus/dessous” (above/ below) in French?

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Here is the 24th session of  Talk in French Podcast!

In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. How do French People celebrate their birthday. I explain the differences.

– Some French Words with an English Translation. Ideal when you cook, run, commute….

– A quick French Grammar Explanation. Learn when to use “dessus/dessous” (above/ below) and their nuances

– Some French Expressions and their translation (literal translation too)


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Articles and vocabulary Mentioned in This Session:

French Words in the Podcast

  • le couloir/le hall – hallway
  • la fleur – the flower
  • la cour – the garden / the yard
  • la pelouse – the grass (lawn)
  • l’herbe – the herb
  • le lac – the lake
  • la chaîne de montagnes – the mountain range (*I said Mountain Chain in the podcast so sorry for this mistake)
  • le fleuve / la rivière – the river
  • l’océan – the ocean
  • la plante – the plant

French Expression in the Podcast

  • se monter le bourrichon (informal) – to get ideas
  • on dirait que – you’d think that
  • en peu de temps – in a short time
  • en temps voulu – in due time
  • prendre ses jambes à son cou – to run off
  • être dans le coup (informal) – to be in on it
  • perdre la raison – to go out of one’s mind

How to pronunce the sound u

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