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From Francs to Euros / + How to practice your French daily: 10 Tips for you (podcast 45)

practice french daily podcast 45

 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Listening Time:  35 minutes.[/symple_highlight] Here is the 45th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. In this episode:What was like it to switch from Francs to Euros.How to practice your French daily: 10 tips for youSome French Words and expressions.Download the Podcast […]

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5 Motivational Quotes in French to Help You Study NOW! (with English Translation)


 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading time: 1 minutes[/symple_highlight] [symple_highlight color=”green”]Get inspired: Forever?[/symple_highlight] Learn French can be difficult right? Here are some quotes to keep you motivated.1. C’est toujours le bon moment- It’s always the right time.  2. Fais toujours de ton mieux même si personne ne regarde. – Always do your best even if no one’s looking.   3. Votre source de motivation […]

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The secret to building better sentences in French ?


 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading time: 5 minutes[/symple_highlight] « Frédéric, how can I build a correct sentence in French? » It is a very common (and valid one) question but beyond building some simple sentences « I give some chocolate to my sister = Je donne du chocolat à ma sœur », you won’t get very far with this logic. If you are looking to build […]

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Talk in French Podcast #18: 5 Little-known Places in Paris / French Verbs with Prepositions


[symple_highlight color=”green”]Listening Time: 28 minutes.[/symple_highlight] Here is the 18th session of the Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast on your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode:– Some information about French Culture. 5 little-known places to visit in Paris.– Some French Words […]

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A 20-Day Guide on How to Make Learning French a Habit


In my article How to Create a Habit: A Guide for Language Learners, we have already established that the best way to learn French is to create a French learning habit. But creating new habits is very difficult, and we could only make it easier by doing our 10 habit rules:Knowing your goalsSetting a reasonable […]

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Talk in French Podcast #10 – How to save money on your trip to Paris? / How to memorize French Verbs

paris on budget

 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Listening Time: 33 minutes.[/symple_highlight] Here is the 10th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode: – Some information about French Culture. How to save money on your trip to Paris? – Some French Words […]

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Tips on How to Memorize French Vocabulary


Frederic’s note: This article was written by Jack Nunn, who was kind enough to share his experiences about learning French vocabulary efficiently. He explains how he does it by taking into account the specificity of the French language (the gender issue).If you have some tips about learning French and want to write about it, feel free to email […]

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Why I don’t share the pronunciation of French Words on social media?


[symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading Time: 4 minutes.[/symple_highlight] The number one request I get on social media (Twitter and Facebook mostly) when I share a new word is ‘Please add the phonetics’  But I don’t plan to do it; because this is the wrong way to learn French Pronunciation. I shall explain why in a moment, but first, allow […]

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How to improve your French Quickly? Learn French with me!


 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading Time: 7 minutes.[/symple_highlight]Why learning French with a tutor can be faster than a classical French Program?Struggling to improve your French? No opportunity to practice your French? Then you should consider my French Tutoring service.    The benefits of having a French tutor:Cheaper than  attending French language classes in France (As explained below)Faster way to develop French speaking […]

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Reading Comprehension in French: How to improve it?


 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading Time: Less than 2 minutes.[/symple_highlight] Do you know what’s one of the most underrated ways to learn French and improve your French Vocabulary? R-E-A-D-I-N-G. Perhaps I’m stating the obvious but I found out, amazingly, that most French learners do not spend at least a few minutes per day to read a french article. Such a shame really, because […]

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How to [Pretend to] Speak French


 [symple_highlight color=”green”]Reading Time: Less than 1 minute.[/symple_highlight]Introducing the most Common Questions / Answers resource!You want to improve your French dramatically or at least fake that you speak French?  Then develop a core language. By creating a list of sentences with some simple vocabulary, you should be able to have a basic conversation in French. Repeating and exchanging […]

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30 Days to Master the Gender of French Nouns

French Nouns Gender Drill

 Whenever I ask a student what is the most difficult part about learning French, there are 3 typical answers:French PronunciationVerb tensesNoun gendersAh the infamous French gender for nouns. Why do we have those rules  for words? Who plays heads or tails with each word and decides that a table (une table) is feminine and a book […]

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