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November 30, 2013

french vocab layout

Reading time: 1 minute

Difficulty: Beginner-Intermediate


For this set of vocabulary words, we give you the different parts of the house (la maison).

From the different rooms to the kitchen, the dining area, the garage, and everywhere else, know your way around the house with this nifty little list.

Save the PDF format of this list on your computer or mobile phone. 

balcony le balcon
bathroomla salle de bains
bedroom la chambre (à coucher)
cellarla cave
coded lockle digicode
dining roomla salle à manger
doorla porte
elevatorl’ascenseur (m)
entrancel’entrée (f )
fireplace/chimney la cheminée
first/ground floorle rez-de-chaussée
floor/storyl’étage (m)
garage le garage
garden le jardin
guest room la chambre d’amis
hallwayle couloir/le hall
intercom l’interphone
kitchenla cuisine
kitchenettela kitchenette
living roomle salon/la salle de séjour
restroom le(s) cabinet(s)/le(s) W.C./lestoilettes
roofle toit
stairs l’escalier (m)
stepla marche
terrace la terrasse
windowla fenêtre
yard la cour

Please tell us in the comment section if there are some French vocabulary topics that you would like to review.

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About the author 

Frederic Bibard

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

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