French Vocabulary: Weather and Seasons (La météo et les saisons)


Last Updated: March 14, 2023

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Ah, the weather. The number one go-to (and no brainer) conversation starter for everybody everywhere.

How many times has it saved a hapless, speechless conversationalist break a monotonous silence?

Whether you're worming your way into an awesome conversation or just genuinely interested to know how to say weather-related things, this guide has got you covered.

Weather and seasons words french to english

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Let's go through the list of vocabulary about weather in French!

1. Weather conditions

Weather ConditionsConditions atmosphériques
The weather is bad.Il fait mauvais.
The weather is cloudy.C'est nuageux.
The weather is cold.Il fait froid.
The weather is cool.Il fait frais.
The weather is foggy.Il y a du brouillard.
The weather is gray.Il fait gris/maussade.
The weather is hot.Il fait chaud.
The weather is humid.Il fait humide/lourd.
The weather is mild.Il fait doux.
The weather is nice.Il fait beau/bon.
The weather is rainy.Il fait pluvieux.
The weather is stormy.Il fait orageux.
The weather is sunny.C'est ensoleillé
The weather is windy.Il y a du vent/ C'est venteux.
It is freezing. Il gèle
It is snowing. Il neige.
It is hailing.Il grêle.
It is raining.Il pleut.
It is raining in torrents.Il pleut à torrents.
break/clear ups’éclaircir
break in the weatherl’éclaircie (f)
breezela brise
fogle brouillard
frostle gel/le givre
hailla grêle
heatla chaleur
black ice le verglas
icela glace/le gel/le verglas
mistla brume
rainla pluie
rainbowl’arc-en-ciel (m)
shower, rain showerl’averse (f )
snowla neige
sunle soleil
thawle dégel
torrential rainune pluie diluvienne
windle vent
coolness la fraîcheur

2. Extreme weather

Extreme Weather ConditionsConditions atmosphériques
Natural Disasterssévères et désastres naturels
avalanchel’avalanche (f)
cyclonele cyclone
disaster zone la zone sinistrée
dog daysla canicule
droughtla sécheresse
earthquakele tremblement de terre
eruptionl’éruption (f)
floodl’inondation (f)
hurricanel’ouragan (m)
icebergl’iceberg (m)
landslidele glissement/l’effondrement de terrain (m)
lavala lave
lightning boltla foudre
lightningl’éclair (m)
monsoonla mousson
seismicle séisme
shockla secousse
snowstormla tempête de neige
squallla rafale
storm (at sea)la tempête
storml’orage (m)
thunderle tonnerre
tidal wavele raz-de-marée
tornadola tornade
torrential rainsles pluies torrentielles (fpl)
tsunamile tsunami
typhoonle typhon
windstormla tempête de vent

3.  Weather report

Weather ReportLe bulletin météorologique
atmospheric pressurela pression atmosphérique
barometerle baromètre
changele changement
coolnessla fraîcheur
degreele degré
disturbancela perturbation
forecastla prévision
high pressurela haute pression
hit hardtaper/frapper fort
in the shadeà l’ombre
low pressurela basse pression
mildnessla douceur
precipitationla précipitation
sunrisele lever du soleil
sunsetle coucher du soleil
temperaturela température
thermometerle thermomètre

Here is an example of weather forecast on French TV.  (Note: It might be difficult to understand everything).

Now that you have finished reading this you can start practicing the French weather vocabulary that you have learned. Time to start talking with people about the weather in French!

Please tell us in the comment section if there is some topics for vocab that you would like to review.

Here are some FAQs about French Weather

How do you say “weather” in French?

La météo !


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What kind of weather does France have?

Because France is such a geographically diverse country, the climate and weather varies greatly between regions. You can expect the typical weather characteristic of each of the four seasons, though the snowfall expected during the winter season only occurs in the Alps and the Pyrenees. 

In spring, the temperature is around 10-20 degrees Celsius, paired with heavy rainfall and spring showers. Pack for unexpected weather in this season. Summer, on the other hand, is quite hot, ranging from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Pack light, and have sun protection (sunglasses, umbrellas, etc.).

Fall is slightly chillier than spring, and pleasant in the early months. But nearing November, it gets much colder as the rainy season approaches. Pack in preparation for not only cool weather, but warm weather as well; heat spells have become increasingly common in the recent years.

If you’re in France during the winter, pack heavy winter clothing! Unless you’re going to the west coast or the south of France, be aware that temperatures often fall below 0 degrees Celsius. If it’s windy, it can feel even colder, so pack accordingly.

How do you say seasons in French?

Les saisons !

What are the four seasons in French?

Spring is le printemps, summer is l’été, fall or autumn is l’automne, and winter is l’hiver.

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