Podcast #21: Discover a New Area of France: Bretagne, Another Common Mistake Explained


Last Updated: March 22, 2023

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Bonjour, this is Frederic and I would like to personally welcome you to the twenty-first episode of the Talk in French Podcast!

This podcast is intended for beginner to intermediate French language learners and French culture enthusiasts. For advanced level learners, I also have an all-French Podcast which you would probably enjoy more. You can check the Advanced Podcast here. 

french podcast: Brittany

In this episode:

  • Some information about French culture. Discover a new area of France that you might not have heard of yet: Bretagne (Britanny)
  • Some French Words with English translations
  • A quick French Grammar Explanation. The difference between journée vs jour / matinée vs matin / année vs an (a very common mistake by French Learners)
  • Some French Expressions and their translations

What's in this Podcast?

French Travel and Culture

Discover some interesting aspects of French travel and culture.

Vocabulary and Expressions

Learn useful French vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

French Grammar Explanation

Get to know important grammar points and learn how to use it.

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French Vocabulary Included in this Episode:

le paquebot ocean liner
le bateau à voiles sailboat
le port marin seaport
la marée tide
le quai pier
la croisière fluviale river cruise
la mer sea
l’île (f ) island
le bateau à voiles sailboat

French Expressions from this Podcast Episode:

d'un bout à l'autre de l'année all year long
Il y a du mieux. There's been some improvement.
donner sa place to give up one's seat
je t'en prie it was my pleasure
Il ne m'a pas quitté des yeux. He never took his eyes off me.
D'après moi In my view.
Je me vois malheureusement obligé de refuser. Unfortunately, I'm obliged to decline.

Links to Articles and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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What to visit in Brittany/ Bretagne?


fougères castle


Saint Malo

Saint Malo

(source: alligator-bay.com)

Forêt de Pampont / Broceliande

broceliande foret de paimpont

(source: wikipedia.org)


Vannes Remparts

(source: wikimedia.org)


Rennes pl Ch Jacquet

(source: wikimedia.org)

Carnac Stones

carnac stones

(source: campingdebrouel.com)

What to eat (and drink):

Le Cidre

cidre breton

(source: terredecidre.com)

Le Chouchen


(source: spiritsoffrance.com.au)

La Crêpe

la crêpe

(source: planetvigil.net)

La Galette

galette bretonne

(source: p0.storage.canalblog.com)

Le Kouign Amann


(source: carblicious.com)

Les Moules

moules bretonnes

(source: coquillages-de-bretagne.com )

Les Fruits de Mer

fruit de mer bretagne

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About the author 

Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Instagram

  • Just a suggestion for your podcast:

    I listen to your podcast with my iPod Touch. If you can put those pictures of Britanny and also french words/grammar in your podcast so that the images change at specific times with your audio that would be awesome. This type of podcast is known as “enhanced podcast” – basically it’s like a slideshow with audio (I hope that makes sense). I think looking at the pictures/ words while listening really helps me focus on the material and can be quite useful.

    But this would require more time to create and could be an inconvenience for you.

    • Hello Thomas, I am afraid that I will not do this request since it will be way too long. I really doubt that many people use the “enhanced podcast” like you do. But I will develop some youtube video soon so it will solve this issue. 🙂

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