Discover a new area of France: Corsica / 11 Useful Adjectives to Express Positivity
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Podcast #26 Discover a new area of France: Corsica / 11 Useful Adjectives to Express Positivity

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Here is the 26th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast.

In this episode:

– Some information about French Culture. Discover a new area of France that you might not have heard yet: Corse (Corsica)

– Some French Words with an English Translation. Ideal when you cook, run, commute….

– A quick French Grammar Explanation. Learn 11 Useful Adjectives to Express Positivity and the right context.

– Some French Expressions and their translation

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Articles and vocabulary Mentioned in This Session:

What to visit in Corsica/ Corse?






Désert des Agriates

désert des agriates





Chant Corse

What to eat (and drink):

Civet de sanglier (Wild Boar casserole)

civert de sanglier board wild casserole

(source: casa-corsam)

Veau aux olives (Veal with olives)



Beignets Corse

beignets corse








Vin Corse

patriomonio corse

(source: casa-corse )

Bière Corse

bière corse pietra


How to go there?

11 Useful Adjectives to Express Positivity

  1. agréable- enjoyable
  2. plaisant/-e pleasant
  3. amusant/-e – funny
  4. rigolo/-te funny
  5. marrant/-e – fun
  6. de bon goût- tasteful
  7. bénéfique- valuable
  8. efficace – efficient
  9. exceptionnel/-le – amazing fantastique – incredible génial/-e – great
  10. ingénieux/-euse – clever
  11. intéressant/-e – interesting

French Words in the Podcast

  • la taille – size
  • petit(e) – small
  • grand(e) – large
  • au détail – retail
  • gigantesque – gigantic
  • la longueur – length
  • énorme – enormous
  • le poids – weight
  • la livre – pound
  • énorme – enormous

French Expression in the Podcast

  • On ne peut pas être à la fois au four et au moulin. – You can’t be in two places at once
  • à la perfection -perfectly, just right
  • féliciter de – to congratulate
  • en temps et en heure – in due course
  • Entre donc ! – Come on in!
  • Entrons voir. – Let’s go in and see.
  • être bien mal – to be close to death

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