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Last Updated: August 31, 2022

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Learning French can be like a roller coaster of emotions.

Sometimes it gets too frustrating to handle, but some days you’re so excited you’d think you’d burst. Here’s a list of 12 scenarios and reactions French learners can totally identify with. Plus a lot of learning tips thrown along the way.


12 Reactions that French Learners Can Totally Relate To

1. When a native French speaker is speaking way too fast

 Listening has always been a huge problem for most French language learners. So relax because you’re not alone at this. Just try working on your listening skills by practicing everyday, and to get you started with that, here’s a guide on how to practice your listening skills.

Or you can listen to 600+ French songs with lyrics.


2. When you use the wrong word or expressions

Like when you say “Je suis tellement pleine!” and you think it means “I am so full” but it really means “I am pregnant”.

Or worse, when you say “C’est excitant!” thinking it means “I am so excited!” but what you just said really means “I am so aroused”.

Check out this article for more awkward mistakes to avoid:

22 Embarrassingly Awkward English-French Translation and Pronunciation Mistakes

3. When your mind is swimming with verb conjugations

Let’s face it. Conjugations are mind-numbingly hard. SO MANY VERBS. SO MANY TENSES. Before your mind totally shuts down and fails to reboot after trying to memorize tenses, take a deep breath and just relax.

Remember that it’s not a race so go at your own pace. Start with the 200 most common verbs and work your way from there. This French Verb Conjugation Course will also help!

4. How you feel after long hours of French lessons

Don’t sweat it out too much. Remember, quality learning is still better than quantity. So don’t push yourself too hard. Just an hour daily of consistent studying will help you create a habit out of learning French. Check out this guide for tips.

5. When you’ve been studying for a while but could not see any improvements

Hey, cheer up. It gets worse before it gets better. Here are some motivational quotes to keep you going. It’s not so bad, believe me.

6. When a French speaker uses an absurd idiom

Okay, French does have a lot of weird idioms. I mean, what do cockchafers have to do with your conversation when a French person says “pas piqué des hannetons” ?

Here, you can check out some absurd French idioms and familiarize yourself with them. Just a heads up though, some of it are totally ludicrous.

You can also take it easy by learning one French idiom per day for 365 days as part of our French Vocabulary Mastery Course.

7. When your French pronunciation is all wrong

 But that’s okay, pronunciations can be learned. You can learn it all the simple way in this article.


8. When you try to recall all the noun gender rules you studied but you can’t remember how it works

But hey, did you know there’s an easy way to master noun genders without memorization? This course will help you!

9. When you write an essay in French but the whole process seems hopeless.

Use these helpful essay phrases that are sure to knock the socks off of your French professor. You can thank me later after you get your A’s.

10. When you can’t follow the French audio lesson

Trying to listen to French speakers narrate stories in “normal speed” can be difficult and frustrating. But why don’t you try our Reading and Listening Course? It comes with a slow version audio for beginners as well as the normal speed for when you’re feeling confident enough.

11. When someone compliments your French

 You try to take it all in stride but deep inside you’re really bursting with pride. Way to go, you totally  deserve it.


12. When you finally become fluent and could speak like a legit French speaker


At long last, the hours of studying and practice have paid off and you can rock the French language like the rockstar that you are. So embrace the limelight and speak French whenever you can… and bust out a few dance moves because you’ve made it! YEAH!

Did you see yourself in one of the scenarios listed? Let me know which one totally resonates with you. Share it in the comments!


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  • long-time learner close to losing interest in learning French

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  • I am so glad I am not the only one who has had some wtf moments as I study advance French for the TCF. The gifs are spot on too. Does anyone else feel like some days they completely command French and the next day the present tense forms of être are alien to you?

  • Oui ! 1,4, et 7 ! Je me souviens la première fois que j’ai rencontré ma famille d’accueil en France, la fille parlait si vite que j’ai douté mon niveau :/
    4. – 3h d’ avoir assisté au cours du B2 . -.-
    11. – Quand les français m’ont dit que je parle très bien :’) *Comble de bonheur*

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