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French Vocabulary: Character and Personality

french vocabulary: character/personality

Looking for French character and personality vocabulary? This article has it and more. Every individual has a unique personality. If you’re eager to describe someone’s personality and character using French, here are some words that you need to beef up your vocabulary. Quick Navigation French Personality and Character VocabularyPin this!ExamplesSample DialogueConclusionRelated articlesa complete step-by-step method  […]

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French Teen Slang: Speak French like a Cool Kid

french teen slang

Kids–teens, pre-teens, and even those in their early twenties—often talk to their friends using a different set of trendy slang words. In the US, this includes “bae”, “dope” (it means good, not the drugs), “YOLO” (not sure if this is still a thing), “swag”, “turnt”, and so on. It’s the same thing in France. The […]

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The Simple Guide to Informal French Grammar


  Are you already speaking French so well but still sound as if you just came out of a French grammar book?  Do you feel so formal and out-of-place when speaking with native French speakers?  Well, let me let you in on one practical tip: try to speak a little bit informally! When speaking in your own native language, you most […]

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10 Ways to Speak like a Legit French Speaker


 So you’ve been studying French for quite a while now, and you’re rather proud of what you’ve accomplished so far – as you should be! But sometimes, you think there’s still something lacking in your French. Like a certain je ne sais quoi  perhaps that you couldn’t put your finger on, and in spite of your good […]

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FRENCH IDIOMS: Top 30 Funniest Expressions Ranked By Level of Absurdity


Oh, French idioms. They can be such a bummer at times. Just when you think you already got the hang of a foreign language, idioms rear their crazy little heads and go: nah-uh! Not so fast! Imagine overhearing a French conversation that translates into something along the lines of: to arrive like a hair in the […]

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35 French Gay Slang Words You Need to Know

french gay slang vocabulary

 No matter where you go, gay lingo will always be colorful, witty, unabashed, and quite delightful. French gay slang is no different. French gay-speak is generally translated from English/American gay slang, and as with its heterosexual counterpart, it is best to know a thing or two about it, whatever your sexuality. A word of caution though, this […]

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30 Common French Expressions Used in Newspapers

word expressions french newspapers

If, for whatever reason, you happen to read French newspapers, you may sometimes come across words or expressions that might sound weird to you. The vocabulary below will help you to better understand French articles. If you want yet more, I have prepared a nice little bonus for you. You can access an extended version of this […]

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146 Useful (and Sometimes Clever) French Words for Social Media Users


 The French language seems to be having a hard time keeping up with all the new English technology-related terms.  Thankfully we have the “office québécois de la langue française”(OQFL). Its core objective: to “Frenchify” English jargon and terminology. Sometimes their translation actually comes across as more accurate than the original English term and conveys the real meaning behind […]

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French Slang: Speaking the Real French (a major update)

french slang blog post

 If you have ever been to France, you already probably know that, the French spoken in the street (or even in a movie) can be WAY different from what you learn in your textbook. If you are looking to sound more like the French themselves, your main focus should be to learn the informal words and […]

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New ebook: Improving French Vocabulary


 Hello, just a quick announcement. I have just launched a BIG new ebook « Improving French Vocabulary ». This ebook was designed for French Learners who are serious about learning French. Its purpose is to enrich the vocabulary of both advanced beginners and experienced students of French. I wanted to create the most comprehensive French Vocabulary Review Ebook […]

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Talk in French Podcast #19: Nightlife/ French Idioms and Slang about Work.

talk in french french podcast

  Here is the 19th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode:– Some information about French Culture. How do French People hang out– Some French Words with an English Translation. […]

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Talk in French Podcast #15 – French Women Dating Tips- 3 informal words to improve your listening


  Here is the 15th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode: – Some information about French Culture. How to date a French woman (requested by someone) – Some French Words with an English […]

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