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French Onomatopoeia: 25 Funny French Words for Written Sounds (+PDF)

onomatopoeia french vs english

Bonjour ! In this lesson, we’ll be talking about French onomatopoeia. Here’s a rundown of what’s covered in this article. Quick Navigation  Onomato-WHAT?Get the list of French Onomatopoeia in PDFFrench Onomatopoeia for Human soundsSounds made by objectsFrench Onomatopoeia for Animal SoundsBonus: What sound do hens make in French? Conclusion But before we dive into today’s lesson, […]

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Spooky French-English Short Story: Le Chat Noir

a spooky french story

 Looking for an outstanding piece of horror story to boggle your mind and pump up your adrenaline a little? I’m sharing with you a classic story by renowned author Edgar Allan Poe. The French version is translated by no less than Charles Baudelaire. The language used here is a bit old; it was written in 1843 […]

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[QUIZ] Can you guess what these goat-related French expressions mean?

funny french expressions

It’s funny how French idiomatic expressions and metaphors resemble a menagerie. Or an animal farm perhaps. There are expressions about dogs, cats, bears, pigs, horses, oxen, foxes, elephants, and just about all your favorite animals. But today we’ll talk about expressions that involve goats and we’ll test just how many of these expressions you know. […]

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15 French Expressions that Feature Dogs


 Dogs are loyal, sweet, cute, and cuddly—and almost everyone loves them. More so the French! The French are notoriously known for walking around everywhere with their furry friends, and everywhere you turn, you’ll most likely find dogs in every size and shape. Dogs inside restaurants, supermarkets, at the hairdresser, on the streets; small dogs, big […]

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14 Purr-Fect French Idioms About Cats

french cats expressions

Cats are exceedingly popular on the internet these days. Everywhere you look there are cats gracing your screen.  Cats who are grumpy:Via Wikimedia Cats who are stereotypically French:via GIPHY Karate cats, massage cats, working cats who got promoted, and just everything about cats.  Well guess what? This post is also about them little furry felines. So if […]

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15 Creatures from French Folklore to Haunt Your Dreams Tonight


 Paranormal creatures are all the rage these days. But you probably have had enough of all those teenage vampires involved in messy love triangles (no offense to the fans!) If you’re on the lookout for some new level of badassery that you haven’t heard of before, or unsparkling monsters and vile beasts that are not quite […]

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10 Weird French Words That Will Make You Chuckle


 The French language is not just all beautiful poetry-sounding words and charming accents. It also has a lot of peculiar words tucked up its stylish sleeve as well. You have probably come across some of those words in the first part and second part of this series of articles. In this article, as in the previous two, […]

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Weird (but mostly brilliant) French Words and Expressions Part 2


 Every language has its own share of weirdness lurking around somewhere; hastily shoved under the rug, away from any prying eyes (and ears). Well, you can take a collective sigh of relief because this list isn’t about any of those. This part 2 of the series is about words that are considered weird because of […]

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Weird (but kinda cool) French Words and Expressions Part 1


 Every language has its own share of weird words. French is not exempt from this.  Here in this article, we listed down words that we think are quite weird due to either:         its funny sound,         the strangeness of the word itself, or         the awesome fact that it even exists at all.Can you think of even […]

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FRENCH IDIOMS: Top 30 Funniest Expressions Ranked By Level of Absurdity


Oh, French idioms. They can be such a bummer at times. Just when you think you already got the hang of a foreign language, idioms rear their crazy little heads and go: nah-uh! Not so fast! Imagine overhearing a French conversation that translates into something along the lines of: to arrive like a hair in the […]

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Discover some unique (sometimes weird) French Superstitions Podcast #41

french superstitions weird th

Here is the 41st session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode: – Discover some Weird French superstitions. – Learn some recently created French Words (Noniste, Zénitude… ) and how they […]

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Talk in French Podcast #12 – 6 French Weird Habits explained. 6 French verbs underused that should use everyday.


  Here is the 12th session of  Talk in French Podcast! You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here via iTunes. There is a button where you can download the Podcast. In this episode: – Some information about French Culture. I explain 6 Quirky French Habits. – Some French Words with an English Translation. Ideal when […]

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