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Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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Bonjour !

Every week on the Talk in French Newsletter, I answer questions sent by subscribers. The questions could be anything about France: language, culture, tourism, etc. And I try my best to answer each and every question sent my way.

Christmas in france

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Here’s a question sent by Tara, and I’m publishing it now just in time for Christmas.

“With the holiday season upon us, would you share some common holiday customs in France? For

example: stories, recipes, games or activities etc. would be fun to hear about.    Thank you! “

- Tara

Here’s my reply:

Hello Tara,

I do have some contents on the website related to Christmas. The podcast episodes 36 and 37 (it’s in English so people can listen to it without any language barriers) explained some of the unique French holiday traditions.

I think it covers almost all the aspects you mentioned except perhaps the Christmas stories. I honestly don’t have enough time this year to share some Christmas stories, but next year I will try to do that. Please check below some cool articles related to Christmas.

Podcast #37 How the French Celebrate Christmas

How do the French celebrate Christmas? Listen to this podcast episode or download it for free.

Podcast #36 Discover some French Regional Traditions (Christmas Edition)

Learn about the Christmas traditions of different French regions. Listen to this episode. Also available for download.

15 French Christmas Songs to Listen for Free

A playlist of 15 Christmas songs that you can listen to as you cozy up at home this holiday season.

31 French Movies for All Ages: Christmas Edition

Staying at home for the holidays? Here are 31 French movie suggestions for you to enjoy with family and friends!

French Christmas Vocabulary

Learn new French words related to Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The ABCs of French Christmas and New Year Celebrations

What makes up a French Christmas and New Year celebration? Discover them all here---all sorted from A to Z.


And everyone, as mentioned earlier, please don’t hesitate to send more questions. I already answered almost all of the most pressing questions sent to me, and I would appreciate receiving more.

Joyeux noël !

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