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Q&A: How to Improve French Pronunciation and Sentences?

french pronunciation

Hey there, how’s it going? In my newsletter every week, I answer questions sent by readers like you. Since most of the questions I get are quite helpful, I’m sharing them here as well. I want to help more French learners who might be facing the same issues. Today, I’ll be sharing this question from Valerie. […]

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At The Supermarket: 112 Useful French Vocabulary for Grocery­ Shopping


Buying stuff at the store is a necessary part of living, regardless of whether you find it a mundane task you’re too lazy to do or you actually enjoy it. When you’re in a French-speaking country, it’s incredibly important to know the French words for items you need to grab at the store, as well […]

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20 Famous French Attractions and How to Pronounce Them


Let’s face it. French monuments and tourist spots are about as hard to say as they are beautiful. They invite enough faux pas to make Lady Marianne cringe or the nearest hipster Parisian to laugh quietly behind his beard. I normally don’t share pronunciations in social media because I would rather have French learners get […]

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Useful French Greetings for All Occasions


Want to greet your French friends or offer well wishes during special occasions but don’t know how to say it in French? This article will teach you exactly what to say or write during the most important events. Whether it’s a festive event like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion, or holidays—or an unfortunate situation like […]

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Basic French Greetings (Complete Lesson with MP3!)


One of the very first things you need to know when learning a new language is the basic greetings. How do you say hello and introduce yourself in French? In this article which originally appeared as the first lesson in the new book My French Routine Volume 1, we will learn all about the basic […]

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54 Useful French Vocabulary and Expressions for the Holiday Season


Christmas is here! Before you head off to do Christmasy activities, here is a list of the most useful vocabulary and expressions related to the holidays. Learn the French words and phrases for common Christmas topics and use it to spruce up your French conversations this season. If you need more details about how Christmas […]

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12 Reactions that French Learners Can Totally Relate To

12 reactions that french learners can totally relate to

 Learning French can be like a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes it gets too frustrating to handle, but some days you’re so excited you’d think you’d burst. Here’s a list of 12 scenarios and reactions French learners can totally identify with. Plus a lot of learning tips thrown along the way. Enjoy!  1. When a native French speaker […]

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EVEN MORE Short Stories to Learn French


In the last couple of months, I have launched not one, but two volumes of Learn French with Stories for Beginners. You can read about the introduction to the first one here, and the second book here. To complete the entire package for beginners, I have produced the 3rd and final book of the series […]

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More Stories to Learn French (for beginners!)


Around this time last year, I came up with a book about stories to help readers learn French. Not some children’s stories like most books of its kind are. Just simple, easy-to-digest ones about everyday scenarios using words that you could immediately put to use in daily situations. What do you know, it shoot up […]

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44 Useful French Words to Express Different Chores

french words chores th

Aargh, doing the chores, a tedious activity in general; though I do enjoy doing the dishes as it lets my mind wander freely. Surprisingly, this is one of the most requested topics by French learners, even though it’s not something I particularly love to talk about with my friends! But of course, we still need […]

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146 Useful (and Sometimes Clever) French Words for Social Media Users


 The French language seems to be having a hard time keeping up with all the new English technology-related terms.  Thankfully we have the “office québécois de la langue française”(OQFL). Its core objective: to “Frenchify” English jargon and terminology. Sometimes their translation actually comes across as more accurate than the original English term and conveys the real meaning behind […]

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50 Common French Phrases Every French Learner Should Know

50 common french phrase

Sometimes, it is great to memorize some phrases that might come handy when talking with a French native-speaker. So, here I will share 50 common phrases in French, which I am sure you will find useful. If you want to learn even more, you can also check out 2 of my e-books: the French Phrasebook (useful for […]

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