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French Words and Phrases Related to Time and Duration

French Vocabulary and Expressions Related to Time and Duration

Let’s talk about TIME. There is a huge list of words and topics about time but today, we’ll be narrowing it down and only talk about French words and phrases related to time. If you are looking for a lesson on how to tell time in French, it’s another topic for another day. But you […]

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The Ultimate Guide For Intermediate Level French Learners

Guide for Intermediate Level

Have you just made the jump to intermediate French? Or are you stuck on the intermediate level for quite some time with no immediate signs of moving on to the next?Regardless of which one you are, read up because this guide is especially created for you. Quick Navigation I. What is expected of you when […]

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The Ultimate Guide to French Politeness and Niceties

How to be Polite in French

Whether you would simply like to avoid embarrassment when you’re with French people or you have loftier goals of becoming a shining example of politeness and courtesy when you’re in France, this ultimate guide to French politeness is what you’re looking for. Here’s What You’ll Learn (Click for Quick Navigation): I. How polite are the […]

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How to Make Small Talk in French: A Quick Guide to French Conversations


Small talk is the polite (sometimes dreadfully awkward) conversation usually shared between people who are strangers or mere acquaintances. But what if you’re in France or any other French-speaking area? How can you navigate small talk *and* speak French at the same time??? How do you make small talk in French? Well, you’re in luck because […]

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Do You Know the Very Basic French Travel Phrases?

Basic French Phrases Quiz

Travelling in France can become exponentially more enjoyable if you know at least the bare minimum of French travel phrases.  Do you already know the very basic phrases you need to get by on your vacation in France? Test yourself with this short quiz!  

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Let’s Hit the Road! 35 French Words Related to Bus and Transport

French Words Bus and Transport

 Buses are a convenient way to travel and they’ll get you comfortably wherever you need to be. If you’re travelling in France and need to brush up on transportation-related words, or if you’re learning vocabulary by theme, here is a list of French words related to taking the bus.  Travelling to France? You’ll need this phrasebook […]

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Do You Know Enough French Words to Pass this Quiz?

French Vocabulary Quiz

Are you confident enough with your knowledge of French words to take this French vocabulary quiz? All you need to do is simply match the words or images to its correct meaning.  Note: The words are very randomly picked from various themes and different levels. No peeking in any dictionary and hands off Google translate, okay? […]

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When to Use Face, Visage or Figure in French?(Q&A)

When to Use Face, Visage or Figure in French

 Bonjour tout le monde !  If you are one of the close to 20,000 subscribers of my weekly newsletter, you’d know that I answer questions from readers every week.  The questions could be anything from language, travel, culture, and anything about France. I know that some of the questions are also on the minds of […]

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Witty French Puns to Take Your French to the Next Level

Witty French Puns

 As Alfred Hitchcock once said, “puns are the highest form of literature”. In French, this witty play on words is called « calembour » and it takes a certain level of expertise in the language to be able to pull it off. Calembours make use of homophony (words that sound the same) to inject humour into […]

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100 French Phone Vocabulary and Phrases to Handle Calls Like a Pro

french phone calls vocabulary

 Dring, dring !   Your phone is ringing!  How do you answer it while speaking French? Or better yet, how do you make phone calls in straight French?  Sounds scary?  Nah, piece of cake for you, I’m sure. Especially if you have a cheat sheet like this one I’m sharing with you.  Here in this article, […]

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